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Offer an elevated and
efficient wholesale experience

Discover the importance of powerful visual assets and how the partnership between JOOR and ORDRE is revolutionizing how brands present their collections. 

In This Webinar

Did You Know?

Did you know that a bespoke virtual showroom with JOOR Custom costs 10x less compared to building in-house? Plus it’s seamlessly integrated with your existing JOOR platform.

Video Technology

Replicate in-person appointments from the comfort of your desk with video technology that’s as dynamic as a model in a showroom.


Watch products come to life with Orb360°—a holistic, zoomable view helps buyers see lifelike quality and detail, virtually.

See it in Action

JOOR has procided a simplified way to view products. There are typically great images of each style and thr new vide fetyre has proven to be quite successful in helping to see how silhouette moves, drapes on body, ets.The images allow for us to put together style boards to see a cohesive picture of what our buy will look like.

Sr. Director, dmm Fine Apparel