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Orb360º Just Got
Even Better

Check out the latest tech updates from JOOR’s exclusive partnership with Orb360º

Exciting and New Orb360º Updates

Did You Know?

Conversions are 27% higher on products with 360° vs. traditional stills. ORB360° is a great way to augment your photography strategy for virtual showrooming or a cost efficient replacement for it. Plus, the moving images and still shots are completely yours to use in your B2B and B2C channels. Check out the latest advancements from this exclusive partnership.

The Views

  • Video: Present your collection in dynamic video using ORDRE’s mobile video-capturing technology

  • 2D Stills: Shoot single frame front & back stills when shooting one full day of Model or Accessories Orb

  • Top shots: Shoot styles from a bird’s-eye view, which is great for shoes & accessories

Latest Advancements

  • Ghost Mannequin Images: View a single frame of the outfit shot on a ghost mannequin, edited to remove the supports

  • Background Removal: Enjoy the use of interchangeable color backgrounds available as a post production service


Key Features

Privacy & Control

-Connection based system means you have control over what is shared and with whom

-Prevent unauthorized use of your assets by watermarking images for all PDF downloads and digital assets

Advanced Order Management & Analytics

-Streamline your process with bulk invoicing and cancel/replace functionality

-Capitalize on Discovery Dashboard, letting you know who has viewed or favorited your profile, to identify new business opportunities

On Platform Payment

-Process credit card or direct bank debit (SEPA and ACH) transactions seamlessly on platform

-Streamline processes & reduce the time to collect, on average from 3 months to 3.5 days

Interested in a demo? Fill out the form below.

Interested in a demo? Fill out the form below.

A partnership formed in a pandemic and founded on digital innovation has unlocked a new vision for JOOR clients. Buyers can now view products in 360 degrees using ORB360’s unique video and image technology – ensuring all aspects and details are completely understood when placing orders virtually. This is a partnership we are very proud of.

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