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In the past year, the fashion industry has proven its resilience and also acknowledged the importance of sustainability as critical to our future. As brands and retailers continue to push and innovate towards a more earth-friendly way of doing business, JOOR Chief Revenue Officer Chris Akrimi sits down with responsible design pioneer Christopher Raeburn, Creative Director of his eponymous brand.

Watch the webinar to hear Chris and Christopher discuss the role technology has to play in achieving responsible fashion.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Where brands can make the biggest improvements on their ecological footprint
  • The role technology can play in furthering brands’ responsible design efforts
  • Why a strong virtual presence is critical to supporting sustainability for a brand with global distribution

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Guest Speakers

Chris Akrimi Black & White


Chris Akrimi

Chief Revenue Officer, JOOR

CR black & white


Christopher Raeburn

Creative Director, Raeburn