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Top 5 Trends in Wholesale for 2024 Report

The world of wholesale is evolving, driven by market fluctuations, changing consumer demands, and technological advancements. Gain exclusive insights into the anticipated shifts that will shape the wholesale industry in 2024. Our report, based on JOOR's unparalleled global network and data insights, offers you a roadmap to navigate these changes successfully.


Ready to anticipate the game-changing trends ?

Here's a sneak peek into what our report explores:
  • Embracing Wholesale’s Ascendancy
    Explore how brands thrive amidst economic uncertainty, redefining the balance between wholesale and DTC strategies.

  • Retailer Resilience in Risky Waters
    Witness the evolution of cautious buying patterns and the growing flexibility in order placements for reduced risk.

  • The Creative Edge in Sales
    Learn the power of high-quality creative assets and how they drive sales performance in a visually-driven market.

  • AI’s Role in Fashion’s Future
    Discover the transformative potential of AI, revolutionizing customer support, content creation, and operational efficiencies. 

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