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How Zulu & Zephyr Enhances Demand Forecasting and Assortment Planning Through JOOR

Zulu & Zephyr, an Australian fashion brand renowned for its swimwear and ready-to-wear designs, relies on timely orders for its made-to-order production schedule. In 2016, facing challenges with Excel for order management, the company adopted JOOR, the fashion industry's top wholesale management platform. This case study explores JOOR's impact on Zulu & Zephyr's operations, highlighting its role in providing valuable insights for business growth beyond order management.


What's in this case study?

Experience firsthand how Zulu & Zephyr leverages JOOR’s platform to accomplish:

  • 7x Faster Speed to send orders to production
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics:
    • Real-time sales and production reports  
    • Accurate demand and trend forecasting
      •  38% increase in SKU depth of dresses
      •  Dress penetration grew to 20% season on season
      • Enhanced filtering by region, retailer, and product
  • Easy and effective assortment planning for their DTC channels
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